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About Ron Watkins

Ron Watkins

Ron Watkins is a professional photographer, writer, explorer, trip leader, presenter, storyteller, and photography instructor specializing in underwater and topside nature photography. Through his imagery and volunteering, Ron is committed to raising awareness of the challenges facing our fragile ecosystems and threatened marine life in hopes of promoting conservation.

Ron’s passion and respect for the underwater world was first ignited in his early teens when his father, a US Navy veteran diver, gave him the incredible gift of scuba diving and shared his love of the ocean with him. Ron used his photography and dive trip stories to share the underwater world with his late father after he was no longer able to dive with him.

After earning his Masters Degree in engineering and while pursuing a successful corporate career, Ron has been focused on sharing his passion for nature and photography with others by leading photo workshops around the world, presenting and writing.

As a trip leader and photography instructor, with experience in diving in diverse environments, Ron is known as an adventurer who is passionate about sharing his knowledge of photography techniques and helping his clients capture images of unique subjects and behavior. He shares his experience through engaging photography and post processing presentations, 1-on-1 mentoring, in-water instruction and making himself very approachable to everyone no matter their skill level. Whether helping his clients capture a once in a lifetime photo of a transient pod of orcas in the Galapagos, crocodiles in Cuba, giant Humboldt squid in the Sea of Cortez, or rare salmon sharks in Alaska, Ron always has a focus on safety, organization, education, conservation and adventure. Through thorough research and scouting of the environment, marine life and behavior, Ron is able to ensure the best photography and educational experience possible.

Ron has been an accomplished award-winning photographer for over 18 years and most recently winning awards in the prestigious Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice International Awards, Underwater Photographer of the Year, Our World Underwater, World Shootout with Team USA and Ocean Art, The Digital Shootout and ADEX Voice of the Ocean. His imagery and stories have been featured in print and online publications including Ocean Geographic, Alert Diver, Scuba Diving, Scuba Diver Ocean Planet, Underwater Photography Guide, Dive Photo Guide, Unterwasser and Scuba magazine in the UK. You may also find his work displayed in commercial advertising, non-profit organizations, national aquariums, science centers, libraries, schools, businesses, as well as private collections. Ron is a volunteer shark ambassador for Sharks4Kids.com as well as supports several other marine conservations organizations.

To learn more about Ron’s work, visit www.ronwatkinsphotography.com and connect with him on Instagram at @ronwatkinsphotography or Facebook at ron.watkins.96